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Creo - Exosphere

jeremy jellyfish

♫ stream \u0026 buy "Exosphere" ♫

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Song "Exosphere" by Creo

You can not re-upload any audio or visual content by itself for promotional purposes or otherwise.
℗ Creo
LJ_Dude : Anyone else notice the Lightmare sphere in the way far back background?
JMHB : Just found your channel, you really have a unique style of music and I have only listened to 2 of your tracks...and I'll be honest they were not exactly the type of music I'm used to but somehow I really liked those tracks and found it very interesting, great job, new subscriber here ;)
Qoid Rafeef : Jeremy the Jellyfish is a nice jellyfish
Axel S. Contreras : Whoa, It's amazing. I'm impressed with your songs. I like this.
emertxe YT : Ok, so we can see the light side of the light planet from here, which means that this planet, the dark planet, is somewhere to the side of the light planet and should be VERY VISIBLE in the lightmare video.
Blaze Rod Needs 10,000 Subs : this is like the best song youve ever created
mccatster : I know I am a little late but your song are REALLY fun to listen to when I am doing schoolwork! If you read this my 3 favorite songs are "Shine", "Showdown", and "Dark Tides". Keep up the amazing work
CyaniX : this gives a lot of meganeko vibes, which im certainly fond of myself as well as this sounding pretty unique compared to your other songs mostly being classic sax. Good job!
turbo : I don’t understand ppl who hate creo and jeremy jellyfish
nur lela : Voice reveal?

Creo - Endless

i will put a description here later

♫ stream \u0026 buy "Endless" ♫
℗ Creo
Sarah Cotner : yessss
FlorinYay : this track is too good
gg creo
Its a Cobweb : The Dark tides of the Endless Exosphere

Are we getting somewhere?
Krl Pinch : is called Endless because that way of knifes is infinite
LJ_Dude : When the rumble of you bus sounds really good with the song
Unknown : "i must go, my people need me"
Finite : Legend has it that to this day, Creo still has not added a description...
JumperOverrated GMD : Description is god tier man!
Crazinz : bo2 zombie?
Krypt : Still waiting for the description...

Creo - Dark Tides

♫ stream \u0026 buy "Dark Tides" ♫
℗ Creo
the german gamer : I like jellyfish
Angel Ricardo Baizabal : From the 9021849r0735209148 million songs in the world, this one is the best.
Axel S. Contreras : I like this song. Amazing job.
Taki's First YT Profile // XxxObsidianGGxxX3434 : Who came here from 2days?
GMD_KANASH1 : What if creo is actually the creature on the cover and is just raising awareness about his species?
Nathaniel Sharon : Creo never disappoints. Ever.
MythicalStrike : is this copyright free?
emmablinkneverland : Can u make one hour version plz
kharbon 123 : piola mano tela as currao xd lmao gg phobos :,V
papi Kunno : esto me recuerda a Minecraft....




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