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RJ45 plug on UTP cable - Installing

more, with diagrams: www.weeklyreview.dipolnet.com issue: 42/2009 \r
There are two basic standards for 100Base-T networks: * T568B (more popular) * T568A\r
In the case of identical connections on both sides we get a "straight-through" cable. Applying two different standards on the sides we have "crossover" cable.\r
To connect a computer to a switch (hub, router) we use "straight-through" cable, but computer - computer connections usually require "crossover" cable.
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PMD Boul Dife : Thanks
Dainius Dainius : Thank You!
CécileAmevie Agbozo : Super
Mindaugas Sad : Thanks !
Migz Spirit : This is satisfying af
Md Mahbub : very good vai
MichaelKingsfordGray : Thank you!
PRODYUMNA ROY : Nice video

Crimping an RJ45 plug on a cat.6 UTP cable

Tools used:
cable: https://www.dipolnet.com/E1614_305.htm
RJ-45 plug: https://www.dipolnet.com/J2016.htm
RJ-45 plug cover: https://www.dipolnet.com/J2010.htm
crimping tool: https://www.dipolnet.com/J9210.htm
tester: https://www.dipolnet.com/N7055.htm
Anthony McCabe : Thanks a million for your Vid! it all makes sense now!! got sent a pack of Connectors WITHOUT them little plugs that go inside!! do you PLEASE have some plugs for Cat6??
Much thanks and blessing
byakka : Don't cut off the ground wire (and foil, if you can still fit the cable in with it) if you have a metal jacket on your cat.6 connector, ground should make contact with the jacket.
Your cable should look like this from the side: insulation with foil/ground folded back, then the plastic latch as close as possible to the twist, then the parallel wires sticking out of the latch just enough to make it all the way to the front of the plug. Make sure you can clearly see 8 little copper circles pushing up the front side of the plug before you crimp it down. Cut off the excess foil after you're done.
Shade Factor : Very Clear. Great work
Martyn Ward : Thank you. Simple to follow.
GSM Security : Thank you!
brn ads : So a.. I can’t connect utp6 cable with rj45 in a regular way like we used to do with utp5 cable?
David Thomas : Very clear and concise walkthrough, thanks.
Josh Aguirre : Probably the best video I've seen on how to properly make one of these
Kres go93 : نريد فديوهات او قناة بالغة العربية ، وشكرا

Ethernet Cables, UTP vs STP, Straight vs Crossover, CAT 5,5e,6,7,8 Network Cables

This is an animated video explaining Ethernet network cables, such as unshielded twisted pair (UTP) and shielded twisted pair (STP). Straight (patch ) cables vs Crossover cables and CAT 3,5,5e,6,6a,7 and 8. It also shows the wiring order of ethernet cables and how to make RJ45 network patch cables.

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akhurash : Great explanation.
Crafted by Robert : Super well explained now I understand why should I use at least CAT 6 UTP cable in my house. Hope the cable company know this and don't use cheap cable.
Aurel F : Thank you !Very usefull at hkome if you wanna make a red !
m4c1990 : I want a SF/SFTP Cable so bad :D
James Knott : Actually, there's no need for crossovers, with Gb gear. Even some 100 Mb equipment can automatically detect the connection type. Also, Gb was designed for plain CAT 5, before 5e was even available.
Mó Lopes : Nice videos, helping me to study for my Comptia A+ exam.
Pigeon Toe Beekeeping : thankyou. nice and concise
Fiber TTI : Excellent knowledge~
c182SkylaneRG : So what does "augmented" mean with the Cat 6a cables? I bought a spool of Cat 6 cable to wire up my house, but when I ran out and bought more, the next spool was Cat 6a, so it seems like my less-important connections are actually going to have slightly faster speeds (bottlenecked by the switch, of course). My runs are all 50ft and less, so WELL less than the 100m limit on Cat 6 for 10Gbps. :) I've got upwards of a dozen cables all smushed through the same joist holes in the basement, so hopefully that's not having too detrimental an effect on their signal integrity...




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