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error installing ikernel 0x10000 Urdu // Hindi

error installing ikernel 0x10000

Basit Haider : THANKS BRO
Sajad Bhatti 338 :

How to Install Commando 3 if InstallSheild(iKernel.exe) Error

How to install Commando 3 Destination Berlin, if iKernel.exe not launched or copied.Here is the solution I gave you.
1.Double click to open the setup.
2.If not open Then right click on setup ,and run it as Administrator.
3.Now continue your setup.
4.When setup is complete.Copy the crack where game is install.
Thanks and Enjoy your game
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II_BODY_ xD_ : Thanks for the video

It was simple fix xD not like some stupid kids
Dennis Yulianto : Wtf just run it as administrator and boom my game going to installing thanx brooo
It's Evelyn : Thanks broo
Yerfox /Ā\ : It works!!! That was very easy, thanks
Arthur Hozana : thankk you
Qandil Snow : THANK YOU AT LEAST IT WENT HALFWAY but I'm gonna figure it out
comrade zed : hi dude i wasnt looking forward to download commando 3 but i wanted to download a childhood game and lemme tell you. you have saved my ass thank you
Dr Crow : Thx Bro
فىضائح الاخوان : بتطلعلى نافذة خطاحل مشكلة the instal shield engine (ikernel.exe)
praba karan : thanks bro

Fixing Ikernel problem on XP

Fixing Ikernel problem on XP
Weregarumon X evolution : is cannot install is says ikernel.exe is could not be installed the system canot speciefeted
Bashyboyash : i got the same problem, did you fix it?




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