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Threading the Brother PQ1500s Sewing/Quilting Machine

by request: Short video on how to thread this Brother 1500 machine. It may be pretty much the same on the Juki 2010, an almost identical machine, so perhaps it will help a few folks.
***Sorry about the quality of the video...old camera, barely decent set up. It was just an impromptu one because it was requested and I did it the best I could at the time***

Winding Bobbins on Brother PQ1500s Sewing Machine

By request: Quickie video on how to wind bobbins on the high speed, straight stitch Brother 1500 quilting machine.

***sorry, I didn't realize that you could not see the tall thread guide hook on the long vertical arm in the video, but if you see the machine in one of my other videos, it will be self explanatory. Hope this helps!

나의 재봉틀 소개/부라더 PQ 1500s/부라더 이노비스 30/버니나 1300MDC/ brother PQ 1500s/brother innovis 30/bernina 1300MDC

안녕하세요. 나우에 입니다. :-)

이번 영상에서는
지금 사용하고 있는 저의 재봉틀을 소개해 드렸습니다.

모두 세 대의 재봉틀을 사용하고 있는데요,
부라더 PQ1500s, 부라더 이노비스 30, 오버록인 버니나 1300 MDC 입니다.

각각의 재봉틀에 대한 간단한 설명과
작동하는 모습들을 보여드렸는데요,
관심있는 분들께 도움이 되었으면 좋겠습니다.

그럼 영상 시청해 주셔서 감사드립니다~!!

Hi ! I'm naue.

In this video,
I introduced my sewing machine.

All three sewing machines are used.
It is Brother PQ1500s, Brother Innovis 30, and overlock Bernina 1300 MDC.

Brief description of each sewing machine
I showed you how it works,
I hope this helps people who are interested.

Thank you for watching my video~!!
린린 : 저도 작년에 pq1500sl을 구입해서 잘 쓰고 있는데요 자동실끼우는 장치 사용법을 잘 모르겠어요 동영상을 찾아봤는데 잘 없더라구요
상세히 알려주셨으면 좋겠어요




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