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ALLOY 20 - Demon of Destruction (Official Lyric Video)

ALLOY 20 "Demon of Destruction" Official Lyric Video
From the band's debut EP "Part I: Lost in the Veil Darkness"
CD Available at:
Amazon MP3:\u0026qid=1351779201\u0026sr=301-1
ratricia robertson : Pretty good! Thank you for directing me towards this, Michael! ~ Trish
wwdmmax : Wow, this is amazing! This is a perfect example of an anthem of victory. Absolutely love it! Definitely getting the album ASAP!

NATO Exercise Ramstein Alloy 2020-1 to begin on 20 April in Lithuania

On 20 and 21 April, Allied and Partner aircraft from the air forces of Allies Belgium, Poland, Lithuania and Germany, Partners Finland and Sweden and NATO AWACS are scheduled to participate in the first Allied live-fly exercise in 2020, exercise Ramstein Alloy 20-1 in Lithuania, showcasing cooperation, interoperability and capabilities. Stay tuned for more ...

Video material courtesy Belgian Air Force and Polish Air Force; editing Sébastien Raffin

#NATO #Train2BReady #MissionContinues

ALLOY 20 - Silent Calls (Official Lyric Video)

From the band's debut EP "Part I: Lost in the Veil of Darkness"
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CD Available at:
Amazon MP3:\u0026qid=1351779201\u0026sr=301-1
Deanna4health gmail : Love this Song!!-Love the Bass-Love the Vocals-Love the Guitars-Love the Drums and not necessarily in that order. Huge Queensryche fan here!!
rapanzel666 : This EP is so amazing. Really hope that everyone listening to this song here buys this CD.
Jeff, so good to hear your voice again after all these years. Now a full length album and a tour in Germany :-)
TheKorupted : KILLER SONG !!
Gary Boardwalk Norris : Sounds like you dude
Butterflynow07 : I was thinking it had the feel of Queensryche too! I love it! I want to hear more!!
mytamatoms2112 : Sounds like Queensryche on the vocals, love the picking like pattern through the song, solid rhythm strong bass lines and as a whole very well done, best of luck shawn and Alloy 20!!!!
Nicholas Lore : Really fine - both the song and the video. Looking forward to the cd!
wwdmmax : This is great! I can't wait to hear more from you guys. I'm a fan, no doubt!
Lori Childs : So this is why I haven't heard from you lately, You have been busy producing, let me be the first to say this sounds excellent and the video does well also. I am very excited about Silent Call good work guys.




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