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Sony DSC HX9V Video Review

Testing the Sony DSC HX9V as a vlogging camera. Please subscribe if you like my videos.
NMTCG : I bought one because of this video :) awesome thank you!
Froster DroloHIKKI : Thanx for the review, I'm thinking in buying one, a friend will sell me for like 30 bucks, I think that it's totally worth it
Max Kielbasa : Nice camers
NoseSprayAddict : 2:27 What is he on about ? The frequency range of vinyl rolls off at about 12khz where digital has up to 20khz, so there is more dynamic range on digital ?
Kevin Smith Vlogs : This camera is totally worth it, especially with the image quality and stabilization it still holds up today in my opinion
Kevin Smith Vlogs : Just bought this camera, it'll be here in like a week, can't wait!
D ikki : Awesome video, I have this camera but I did not know what it is capable of. I am excited to make some videos now. Thanks for sharing
Jessica Kimbrough : is this the
Sony DSC-HX90V with GPS?????
stephen451 : Excellent review. So much better and informative than the reviews done on YT by camera shop and camera company sales people. Thanks!
Arduino Hocam : I was looking for the good review of this camera but all of the videos are just including unboxing and etc...Thanks for the enough information about that camera .




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