magnesium sulfate

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Magnesium Sulfate (ACLS Pharmacology) - ACLS Certification Training Videos

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Magnesium Sulfate or sometimes nick-named Mag Sulfate, affects the SA Node by slowing down it’s impulse rate. It also reduces the automaticity in partially depolarized cells. Mag Sulfate is effective as an anti-convulsant/antiarrhythmic. It is used to treat Polymorphic V-tach with a pulse. It is recommended for use in cardiac arrest only if Torsades de Pointes or suspected hypomagnesemia is present.

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MsTammi125 : Why's it in bottled water?
Kimo Thompson : Its read script....
Jaime Navarro : ACLS is not really intended for the layperson. That's why he's using medical vernacular. You need a certain base of medical knowledge to take an ACLS course.
Bob Sacamano : This is what I heard ...blah blah blah medical jargon blah blah
Junior Jetseter : Having some medical knolage it is easy to see how important this is . Even for lay person can be benefitial to learn some of those medical terminology. This is higher school of ER and for paramedics is a vital to know this for rescue of hearth atacks patients .They must memorise it 100 % .
terry gregg : this clip is no help to a layman; medical language is uninterpretable
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Guess Who : Unless your talking to doctors here most don't know what your saying.
CJFit 6.2 : How about for eclampsia?

Magnesium Sulfate | MgSO4| Must Know Medications (Nursing School Lessons)

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MsTammi125 : It's also in pure life water by nestle
可爱的猫 : Tell me why Nestle pure life and Dasani is putting this in their water?
Kitalia the kitsune : So Dasani is basically putting medicine in their water?

Safe Use of Magnesium Sulfate in Pregnancy

This is a short tutorial by Andrew Lane, MD, for medical students and residents discussing safe use of magnesium sulfate in pregnancy.
Heavenearth : Does therapeutic range affected by anesthetic agent? If pt is under general anesthesia what is the dose related toxicity range?


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