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BEAST - Ribbon (리본) [HAN|ROM|ENG Color Coded Lyrics]

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Colors :
Purple - Doojoon
Green - Junhyung
Gold - Yoseob
Blue - Gikwang
Pink - Dongwoon

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Lyrics Credits :
Rom \u0026 Han : klyrics.net
Eng : kpopviral.com

No copyright infringement intended.
I just made the video. Music and pictures all belongs to CUBE Entertainment.
심장이 두준두준 한다잉윤두준 앨범 나와서 : 와 비스트 노래 막 듣고 있는ㄴ데 윤두준 오ㅑ르케 잘생겼어... 진짜 존잘이구나...
Amalia Widya L. : junhyung, you said “tie up a ribbon that never untied” but now you untied it i know you made the decision to bring the best for all of you, but is it too difficult to see all af you together again?
Syirah Sabri : 2020 anyone? I miss them sm
권혁오 : 2020?
하늘 : 2020년도 듣는중입니다 :)
Ch지스함장 : 동영상 싱크를 아주 대단히 잘못 맞춘듯.. 가사가 1초늦음 ㄷ
LetsGoMovie : 55555555555555555555555555555555555555555 woo
Halo cline : I miss them 2020
현 : 2020 없나여?
Jorion Jorequim : Some part gave me chills

BEAST(비스트) - '리본(Ribbon)' Official Music Video

BEAST(비스트) - '리본(Ribbon)' Official Music Video
블루조커 : 잘지내고 있을까
홍성인 : 친정같은이늑낌으눤지
iira aira : Hi Beast, I miss you :(
Mai Đỗ : Hi‍♀️
amy al : Always ❤️
KIM Alienz : I love you B2uties
꼬마캐럿유녤 : 개오랜만 ㅠㅠㅠ
Relectrod : b2st really has alot of good songs and unique, such a good group with great voices
Vichea 160 : Did BEAST give up because EXO swept them away since 2013?
동동언니 : 가사 진짜...휴우..ㅜㅜ

Ribbons ScreenSaver 12 Hours

Not exactly 12 hours because it's a livestream.




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